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Las Vegas Gentelmen's Club - Top 7 Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Posted on 18 April 2014 by Adam

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The Top 7 Las Vegas Strip Clubs.

Looking for half or full naked women in Las Vegas, you must try out our Top 7 Gentlemen's Clubs.

Whether your headed to Las Vegas for bachelor party, party vacation, or relaxing vacation it's time to turn up your trip with a visit to one of the world renowned Las Vegas Strip Clubs. These clubs are not your regular Gentlemen's Club, Las Vegas does everything bigger and better and their Strip Club's are no different.

7. Club Paradise - Located directly across from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Club Paradise is an intimate Gentlemen's Club that is maybe most convenient to the Las Vegas Strip. If you like laid back Gentlemen's Clubs then Club Paradise would be the one for you. 

6. Little Darlings - One of only two Las Vegas Strip Clubs that gets totally nude (other one is our #1 Palamino's). Only drawback to Little Darlings strip club is they don't server alcohol. 

5. Crazy Horse III - Feels like top end Las Vegas dance club but it's filled with 1/2 naked strippers. The Crazy Horse has been voted best strip club in West 2 of last 4 years but for us it's a little too over the top. Still fun place for bachelor party but think Crazy Horse III is living off their name a little more than our top 4 Las Vegas Gentlemen's Clubs. 

4. Treasures - Truly an adults playground, Treasurers is known as one of the elite level Las Vegas Strip Clubs. Over 27,000 foot of space to show off some of the hottest strippers in the Las Vegas scene. 

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3. Spearmint Rhino - Known as the premier Las Vegas Gentlemen's Club and they charge like it as well. By far the most expensive Las Vegas Strip Club but in return they have something for everyone. Hottest strippers in Las Vegas reside at Spearmint Rhino but expect to pay every dime for them. 

2. Sapphire - If size and sparkle is your thing then Sapphire is the Las Vegas Strip Club for you. Two stories 70,000 square foot of over 400 half naked women is what make's Sapphire stand out from the other Las Vegas Gentlemen's clubs. 

1. Palamino Club - Only Las Vegas Gentlemen's Club to offer full nudity and have a liquor license. The Palamino Club opened in 1969 and has been a top Las Vegas Strip Club ever since. Well worth the drive to have the best Las Vegas Strip Club in our rankings. 

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