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Las Vegas 2017 - Top 7 Italian Restaurants

Posted on 6 June 2017 by Mike

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Noras Italian

Italian food is not something that you would commonly think about in the buffet capital of the world. However, what you need to realize is Las Vegas is a great city for Italian food and lives up to its Italian history. To avoid making any mistakes on where to eat you should know about the top 7 Italian restaurants in Las Vegas.

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  • 7. Trevi @TREVILV -

    Trevi is a beautiful restaurant with a lot of menu options. However, the restaurant also has a great menu option that allows you to enjoy a lot of Italian seafood. Our favorite dish from Trevi is the seafood pasta which is stunning. 

  • 6. Capo's @CaposRestaurant -

    Capo's is a place that you are going to like for the older speakeasy feel of the place, but also the chance to enjoy some great quality Italian food. Our personal food from Capo's is the Chicken piccata. 

  • 5. Sinatra @SinatraLasVegas -

    Sinatra is a famous singer, but here he is going to have a restaurant that is named after him. What is even better is this restaurant tends to follow the Italian food that we all know and love. Our favorite food from Sinatra is the lasagna. 

  • 4. Andiamo Italian Steakhouse @AndiamoLV -

    Andiamo is a great Italian Steakhouse that you are going to love. The place is one that you are going to love because it will have the perfectly cooked Italian food and steaks. At Andiamo we are going to want to make sure you try the signature meatballs that are great. 

  • 3. Ferraro's @FerrarosLV -

    Ferraro's is a place that you are going to love because of the fine dining aspect of the city and the Italian food. This is place that has some great food and fantastic atmosphere as well. Our favorite menu item is the Trippa Satriano. 

  • 2. Veranda @VerandaLasVegas -

    Veranda is the restaurant that is located in the Four Seasons. However, in addition to the beautiful area that it is located in, it will make it easier for you to enjoy some great food. The favorite meal that we have from Veranda is the brunch, that has a wide ranging menu of the food types.

  • 1. Nora's Italian Cuisine @noraslv -

    Nora's is a great location that serves some of the best Italian food in Las Vegas. However, it is also a location that has a fantastic atmosphere you are going to enjoy as well. Our favorite menu item from Nora's is the Rigatoni Special in Tomato Sauce.

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