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Indian Restaurants - Top 7 Indian Restaurants In Nashville

Posted on 12 May 2018 by Danielle

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When you are looking for Indian cuisine you know that you will have to find the best restaurants to eat at or you could have some problems in getting the good quality food you want to have. That is why I have decided it was time for me to go out and find and rank the top 7 Indian cuisine restaurants in Nashville for you to enjoy.

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  • 7. Bombay Palace @Bombay-Palace-Fine-Indian-Cuisine -

    Do you want to feel like you are a king? If you do then you need to check out Bombay Palace. This place has some great food and the place will treat you amazingly well. I really love the tandoori chicken from here.

  • 6. Chauhan Ale and Masala House @chauhannashville -

    When you want to get some great poutine you will find this place is great for you to stop at. This place has a decent atmosphere, but the poutine you can find from here is easily the best you can find anywhere.

  • 5. Woodland Indian Vegetarian Cuisine @Woodlandsvegeteriancuisinenashville -

    Trying to find a great meal is going to be easy when you go to Woodland. This is a place that has quite a bit in the way of vegetables to eat and enjoy. What else is great here is they have some amazing mushroom masala.

  • 4. Shalimar Fine Indian Cuisine @ShalimarNashville -

    When you are looking for a place that has a buffet you will have found it in Shalimar. This is a place that has a buffet, that can be limited at times in the choice. However, I would definitely recommend trying the Tandoori Chicken. 

  • 3. Dosa Hut Indian Grill @DOSA-HUT-Indian-Cuisine -

    This is a place that will really give you a hole in the wall type of feel to it. However, in my travels these places tend to have the best food. Here I really like the fact that you are able to get the amazing Southern Indian cuisine. 

  • 2. Sitar @ -

    Sitar is a place that is tastefully decorated, but it is also a place that will give you the quality food that you want to have. The lively atmosphere goes along great with the curry that is out of this world good.

  • 1. Sindoore - Indian By Nature @sindoorenashville -

    This is a place that is going to be very decieving as the outside of the building will make you think you are going into a strip mall. However, what you will find is once you are inside you will feel transported to India. The food here is great and I really love the biryani. 

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