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Gambling in Las Vegas: Top 7 Things To Do in Las Vegas Once You Have Lost Your Gambling Money

Posted on 6 May 2014 by Pam Stevens

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No One Wins Every Trip To Las Vegas, What To Do If You Lose Early

Things You Can Do in Las Vegas that Cost Little or No Money

Everyone who has ever been to Las Vegas more than a few times has had a trip where they lost more money than they wanted to gamble and are looking for some cheap alternatives to kill some time. While Vegas has plenty to do when you have a lot of money, there is plenty of things to do that don’t cost much at all, here are a few.

7) Walk the Strip-This one never gets old and it is one of those places where you are just never going to see the same thing twice. While after a while most of the hotels and the basic tourist attractions like the Mirage Volcano and the Bellagio Fountains may get tired, the people watching never gets old.

6) Get your Picture taken by the “Welcome To Las Vegas Sign”-In case you have never seen it, it is at 5100 Las Vegas BLVD South which is the Southern most end of the strip. Of course if you are looking for things to do after you lost most of your money this might not be a trip you want to remember.

5) Freemont Street Experience- Many people these days when they go to Vegas never leave The Strip but there is till action on Freemont Street and the light show is part of it.

4) Tour a timeshare-Sometimes these places will pay you off to sit through their tour for an hour or two or give you a giveaway to a show or something which is an upgrade of a time killer.

3) Eat A Deep Fried Twinkie- This is also in Downtown Vegas aka Freemont Street at Mermaids. They also have deep-fried Oreos but that doesn’t sound nearly as cool as saying that you pounded down a deep fried Twinkie. It’s less than two bucks.

2) Sit by the Pool-Most of the Vegas hotels have gone above and beyond when it comes to their swimming pools. Hey they got you on the slots and the tables, might as well enjoy the pool. Maybe next time you will hit this first and save a few bucks from the outset.

1) Learn To Be A Dealer-I can’t count how many dealers in Vegas I have talked to that told me they went to Las Vegas for a vacation and ended up never leaving. If I had heard it once or twice I would write it off, but we are way past the once or twice phase; there has to be something to it.  

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