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Fireside Pizza Wagon - Cincinnati Food Truck Review

Posted on 17 July 2016 by Kim

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Fireside Pizza Wagon

Fireside Pizza Wagon is a location that is not a food truck in the true sense that it is a complete truck. In fact, this is a tow behind trailer, but they have some of the best foods possible on the food truck and this makes it easier for you to have some good food at an affordable price. What makes it better, is this is the mobile location for Fireside Pizza, that is located in Walnut Hills. 

Hours And Location

The hours and the location of the wagon are going to vary, but one place you can usually find the Fireside Pizza Wagon at is the Madeira Farmers Market on Thursday afternoons from 3:30 PM until 7:00 PM.

To get the latest information, check out the Twitter feed @FiresideWagon

What We Like The Most

The pizza that we like most is actually not one that is on the menu. The pizza we like the most is having the ability to build our own. While the ingredients are somewhat limited in what you have choices to get, you will find the ability to make your own lets you get what you want on the pizza and know you can eat the pizza and enjoy the food because it is what you like. 

What We Did Not Like

For some reason we were simply not impressed by the Greek pizza. Now this is mainly for personal reasons and the fact that we do not eat a ton of Greek food that much. However, if you are a lover of the Greek cuisine and want it to be fused with the Italian cuisine then this is the pizza you will enjoy eating. 

Our Rating Out Of 10 Stars - 7.5 Stars

The Fireside Pizza Wagon is a great place to get wood fired pizza, but not nearly as good as our top rated location in the Cincinnati Food Trucks. (see our Top 7 Cincinnati Food Trucks Fireside Pizza finished 7th). However, if you want to have some great pizza without going all the way to the Fireside Pizza restaurant, then you will need to try out the pizza wagon as it has a lot of the same food, but portable. 

Learn more about Fireside Pizza Wagon at or @FiresideWagon.

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