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Dive Bars Los Angeles - Top 7 Dive Bars in Los Angeles 2014

Posted on 7 May 2014 by Brittany Roberts

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Dive Bar Los Angeles

The Best Dive Bars In LA.

There's no drowning sorrows at these 7 cool places.

When Los Angeles is considered, what do you think of? Many people think of fun times, friends, and great memories. How about a dive bar? A dive bar is often referred to as a neighborhood bar. It’s a place where people go to have fun, relax, and socialize. There are seven great dive bars that are in Los Angeles and have topped the charts for the year 2014.

7. The Joker: Here's a great dive bar if you enjoy cheap drinks that pack a powerful, strong punch. This is one dive bar that has great drinks and great music.

6. Drawing Room: This is where you need to be if you are on a strict budget. The drinks at the Drawing Room are $9 or less. This dive bar has a friendly environment and awesome Chinese astrology as beautiful wallpaper.

5. Lost and Found: Yet another dive bar in Los Angeles that screams fun! This dive bar has friendly bartenders and cheap drinks that are under $4.00. What else could you ask for?

4. Cozy Inn: Come on in and make yourself at home at Cozy Inn. This dive bar is not only a bar, it’s a place where you can unwind, relax, and let the good times roll.

3. Tattle Tale Room: A dive bar that cannot be compared to any other. With the sweet and awkward sounds of karaoke and drinks, what happens at the Tattle Tale Room, stays at the Tattle Tale Room.

2. Prince O' Whales: Located in a quiet neighborhood and offers a comfortable setting, This dive bar is the place to be when you are ready to partake in ice cold beer and hangover satisfying foods.

1. Hinano Café: This is the best of the best of dive bars in Los Angeles has accommodations of warm Venice Beach sand, amazing hangover-curing food, affordable pricing, and awesome music. There is no way that you can visit LA without experiencing these seven, excellent dive bars.

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