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Cleveland - Top 7 Things To Do

Posted on 10 June 2018 by Bernie

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Lake Erie

When you are in Cleveland you will find that the city is not only beautiful, but it is a place that is full of things to do. That is why you should know more about some of what I feel are the best things to do. Since that is the case, I have gone out and ranked what I think are the top 7 things to do in Cleveland.

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  • 7. Catch A Ball Game -

    With three different professional teams it is possible to catch a game in Cleveland. You will find the games are going to provide you with entertainment and something to do, but also a chance to see the stadiums that are made to look amazing.

  • 6. Visit Christmas Story House -

    Almost everyone has seen the movie and loves the house that Ralphie grew up in. However, now you have a chance to check out this house and that is definitely something you are going to love because it does make it easier for you to find the best looking museum around from a classic movie.

  • 5. Check Out Rocky River Reservation -

    If you want to go to a place that is going to be treated like a nature preserve and is split by a river, then you will want to check out of Rocky River. This place is simply amazing and the amount of nature you get to see will blow your mind.

  • 4. Great Lakes Science Center -

    If you want to learn about the Great Lakes then this could be the place for you. This is a place that is going to have plenty of attractions and exhibits for you to enjoy, but it is also housed on a restored freighter from the time they ruled the Great Lakes.

  • 3. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame -

    If you like Rock and Roll then this place is for you. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a place that you will love because you can have a great time with the music, but also have a chance to see the musicians belongings and hear their music again.

  • 2. Cleveland Metroparks Zoo -

    While this zoo is not like the San Diego Zoo, it is a zoo that you will enjoy because it does have a lot of animals. The zoo is laid out in a very visitor friendly way and this makes it easier for you to enjoy your vacation even more.

  • 1. Lake Erie -

    If you are looking for something to do, then you do not need to go any further than Lake Erie. You have plenty of activities from fishing charters, tour boats, to even going out on the water for fun in the sun and water. Overall, this is one of the top things that you can do in Cleveland.

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