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Cleveland Parks - Top 7 Parks In Cleveland

Posted on 12 May 2018 by Bernie

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Voinovich State Park

Cleveland is an amazing city with some decent sports teams in summer and the basketball season. However, the city is also well known for having some great parks as well for you to enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Erie with. Since this is the case, you should know more about these amazing parks for you to enjoy. This is why I have went out and found what I feel are the top 7 parks in Cleveland to enjoy.

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  • 7. Rocky River Reservation -

    This is a park that is beautiful and has some great trails for you to enjoy. However, the park is split in two sections by the Rocky River, which allows you to see a great diversity in the area. 

  • 6. Euclid Beach Park -

    This used to be the spot of some of the amusement parks in the Cleveland area. However, now it is a place you can see some of the remains of the park, but still be able to enjoy the park because you will have the sandy beach that you will enjo. 

  • 5. Cleveland Cultural Gardens -

    This is a garden that is great and really is one that celebrates a lot of the city. That is because this park will celebrate all the different cultural backgrounds in the city based off of the plants that would be seen in the area of the cultural area.

  • 4. Willard Park -

    This is a place that has some great statues inside of it, but it is a place that you are going to like to see because the statue is the free standing stamp. So you can find some great picture opportunities here. 

  • 3. Euclid Creek Reservation -

    This is a park that is managed by the Cleveland Metro Park area, but it is a place that is really going to have quite a bit for you to do with the creek and the amazing beach that you can check out when you are at this park.

  • 2. Rockefeller Park and Greenhouse -

    This is a place that you are going to really like because it definitely has quite a bit for you to see and do. Not to mention the plants inside of the greenhouse will simply amaze you with what all they are going to offer you to see and do.

  • 1. Voinovich Park -

    This is a smaller lake that was made by man, but it is definitely a park that will be worth checking out as it has some views of Lake Erie. It also has some great landscaping for you to enjoy as well, but also some amazing festival stages that are outside.

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