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C'Est Cheese Food Truck Review

Posted on 12 July 2016 by Kim

Categories: Cincinnati

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Eating out can be a great way to have lunch and not have to worry about bringing a brown bag. The problem is restaurants are expensive and often have such a long wait at lunch time you cannot make it back from work. To avoid this, you could turn to a food truck to have some of the food you want to have. In this article we will continue with our review of the Top 7 Food Trucks in Cincinnati with our number 2 pick being reviewed, C'Est Cheese Food Truck. 

Location And Hours

The location and hours for this location will vary from day to day. For example, C'Est Cheese, is going to be doing mainly lunch this week and on Thursday, 7/14/16, they are going to be at Fountain Square for lunch, but after lunch they are one of the food trucks involved with After Hours on the Square. 

If you want to get the up to date schedule you can follow them on Twitter @cestcheesecincy 

Best Menu Item

When you go here, you will notice that all of the sandwiches are a tremendous blend of cheeses that have been put together masterfully. The menu does rotate depending on what is available cheeses. With that being the case, the one menu item that we have fallen in love with, even my kids, is the Cheesy Wonder. This is a perfect blend of four different cheeses all blended together on the Tuscan Pane bread.

What We Did Not Like

The one item that we did not really care for was the Indian Curry Pickle. Now this could be because curry does not really sit well with us, but it could also be because we were expecting something different. So it is more of a fact that we do not like curry versus the food being poor. If you enjoy curry, then you will love this pickle.

Rating Out Of 10 Stars - 8.5 Stars

We have to say that C'est Cheese Cincy is one of the best food trucks, but it is not the best in Cincinnati (see our Top 7 Food Trucks Cincinnati). Overall, the price and the speed you will get lunch here or even a quick dinner is well worth it and you will not be disappointed. 

Check out C'est Cheese Cincy at and @CestCheeseCincy

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