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Posted on 5 June 2018 by Kim

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The Westin Copley Place

When you have to travel for business you need to make sure you stay in a place that is going to have the proper amenities you need for the trips you are taking. This is when you should know that I have gone out and ranked what I feel are the top 7 business friendly hotels in Boston. 

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  • 7. enVision Hotel Boston @enVisionHotelBoston -

    While this is more of a boutique style hotel you will find it is a hotel that you are going to like because it makes it easier for you to have a great trip and have the closeness to all the businesses you may need to check in on. However, what else is great is the fact this place has the quietness for the business meetings to be held in your room if you need to.

  • 6. Harborside Inn @HarborsideInnBoston -

    Face it, not all of your business meetings will take place in downtown. This is very true if you are a seafood buyer and you will want to be close to the docks. That is what is great about this location is the closeness to the docks, but also the fact that it is going to take all of your business needs into consideration as well. 

  • 5. The Godfrey Hotel Boston @godfreyhotelboston -

    When you think of The Godfrey, you may be like I was and think of the Godfather. However, this is a hotel that has some great features and it definitely will be a place you will enjoy because it has great rooms and an amazing location for you to sleep in some, but still make your early morning meetings.

  • 4. Hilton Boston Downtown @HiltonBostonDowntown -

    The Hilton brand is one that people know and recognize. When you are in Boston you will find one of the best downtown hotels for you to enjoy is the Hilton. This is a great place that has easy access to the major businesses downtown for all your meetings.

  • 3. Taj Boston @TajBoston -

    With the location of this hotel being surrounded by the art galleries and parks you will find it is a great place to stay. After a long day in the office you can easily unwind and relax and know you are going to have a great trip because this place just screams elegance and allows even the most stressful day to just melt away.

  • 2. YOTEL Boston @YOTELBoston -

    This is a hotel that definitely takes the futuristic type of approach and it is one that you are going to enjoy. The place has definitely managed to get some great things going for it and I have to admit, the business areas are very nice and it looks great for the trips you are taking.

  • 1. The Westin Copley Boston @WestinCopleyPlace -

    This is a place that is going to combine the best comforts that you would want to have for sleeping and the location which makes it easier for you to get around town. This is easily a great place for you to go and enjoy and know it will help you concentrate on your business.

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