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Boutique Hotels Los Angeles - Top 7 Boutique Hotels in Los Angeles 2014

Posted on 2 May 2014 by Shannon Mitchel

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Boutique Hotels LA

The Best Boutique Hotels In Los Angeles. 

Boutique hotels offer unique personalized service to make you feel like you're staying in the neighborhood. 

If you're visiting the LA area and want to experience the charm the area has to offer, then staying in a boutique hotel is the thing to do. These charming hotels offer the personality of the neighborhoods they're in as well as easy access to the rest of the town.

7. Sunset Tower Hotel: This is a Sunset Strip landmark not to be forgotten about. It has been fully restored and the staff treat every guest just like an A-list celeb. Come here to feel like a star!

6. The Mosaic Hotel Beverly Hills: Located in Beverly Hills, this boutique enjoys all that the city has to offer. Yet, it is not too far to travel for all that LA has to offer.

5. Viceroy Santa Monica: If you just can't get the those steamy bar and pool scenes out of your mind, this might be the boutique for you. Of course, there's also a great view of the ocean and friendly staff to enjoy.

4. Sixty Beverly Hills: This unique boutique hotel offers guest a complimentary upgrade when checking in, provided one is available.

3. Maison 140 Beverly Hills: There are only 43 rooms in this tiny boutique. No pool or fancy restaurant either, but the style and personality make it all worth the stay here.

2. Hotel Oceana Santa Monica: This boutique is great for those that prefer personalized service with a high standard. Of course, the setting is also relaxing and great for a little R & R.

1. Luxe Hotel Sunset Blvd:This luxurious hotel is number one on the list especially for those that love a glass of champagne to unwind. Yes, that's right - receive a free glass of champagne or a coctail upon arrival. What a way to welcome a guest!

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