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Best of Hollywood - Top 7 Hollywood Attractions in Los Angeles

Posted on 6 May 2014 by Lisa Wicker

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Hollywood is the Biggest Tourist Draw In Los Angeles.

Make the most of your trip with these Top 7 suggestions.

LA is known as the land of dreams in large part because of the lure of Hollywood. While seeing the Hollywood sign and walking along the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Hollywood Blvd and Vine Street are part of any LA tour, here are a couple of things you can do that are a little off the beaten path:

Hollywood Museum: Come see where movie props, celebrity memorabilia are on display. See a selection of Marilyn Monroe’s dresses and Indiana Jones’ whip among other interesting exhibits.

Visit The Hollywood Sign: There is nothing more Hollywood than the sign itself. It is a MUST on everyones list. Drive up Beachwood Canyon to get great photos.

Madame Tussauds: The famous wax museum is set up to depict different scenes with different celebrities. A few hours of fun getting close and personal with the biggest names in town.

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Stars Homes Tour: See how the stars live on a Hollywood star homes tour. Ogle over the luxurious appointments and keep an eye out for a celebrity sighting.

Visit the Kodak Theatre: One of the most popular attractions in town, it is the home of the Oscars every year. Although the theatre is closed, walk around and soak up the Academy Awards glamour.

Take a studio tour: Have your pick from Paramount, Warner Bros. & Sony Studios and see how it all comes together on the small and big screens.T

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