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Asian Restaurants - Top 7 Asian Restaurants In Portland

Posted on 15 May 2018 by Nate

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Luc Lac

Portland is a hot bed for food and it is a place that you are really going to love. I have to say that when I was looking at the Asian restaurants in Portland I was really amazed at the places that are in the city and the surrounding area. I knew right off the bat, this would make it harder for a traveler to find the best Asian restaurants. That is why I decided it was time for me to go out and rank the top 7 Asian restaurants in Portland.

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  • 7. Shigezo @shigezo.izakaya -

    When you want to grab a quick bite you will want to check out Shigezo. This is a place that has some great food and attentive staff for your needs. However, what I really like from here is the Ramen that is served here and way better than anything I have had before.

  • 6. Pho Van @ -

    Located in a very welcoming and highly exquisite building you will find Pho Van. This is a place that has a great atmosphere to it and is very warm and welcoming. The food that I love from here is the spring rolls.

  • 5. Masu Sushi @Masu-Sushi -

    As the name states this is a place that specializes in sushi. The dishes are good and the atmosphere really helps you have a good time as well. I have to admit, the miso soup from here is hands down some of the best I have ever had.

  • 4. Restaurant Murata @Murata-Restaurant -

    When you are looking for a place to use chopsticks and have white plates you do not need to go far. That is because Restaurant Murata will have everything that you would want to have. I really have to say that I enjoy the seaweed salad from here. 

  • 3. Thai Bloom NW @thaibloomnw -

    When you want to go to a place that is very relaxing and has some amazing ambiance to go along with the great food you have to check out Thai Bloom NW. This is a place that I found as a little secret, but the dish that I love the most is the drunken noodles.

  • 2. Nong's Khao Man Gai @nongskhaomangai -

    This is a place that is going to have some great food that you can enjoy, but it is more of a walk up type of window which some people shy away from. I have to say that the food that I love from here is the liver. 

  • 1. Luc Lac Kitchen @luclackitchen -

    If you are looking for a great restaurant that serves some amazing Vietnamese food you are going to want to check out Luc Lac. This place is one that has some great food and it really helps out that it is a laid back place to eat. What you are going to enjoy for the pork and steak skewers.

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