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Alternative Los Angeles - Top 7 Day Alternative Attractions in Los Angeles

Posted on 6 May 2014 by Marlene Shaw

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What to see off the beaten track In Los Angeles.

When your looking for an alternative to the traditional LA sights and scenes. 

Are you a typical tourist? Or do you want to do something different while you’re visiting Los Angeles? Perhaps some of our Top 7 Alternative Attractions will appeal to you.

7. Get a Tattoo: If you’re looking for an unusual souvenir to bring home from your trip to Los Angeles, why not get a tattoo? You might like to see Mark Mahoney, a legendary tattoo artist, owner of Mahoney’s Shamrock Tattoo on Sunset Strip.

6. Take a Roller Derby Training Class: Take a roller derby training class at the Los Angeles Derby Dolls arena if you’re looking for some fast-paced excitement. The roller-track, called the Doll Factory, is moving to a new location in 2014, so check the Derby Dolls Web site for the latest information.

5. Play Laser Tag: If you want to play laser tag, the place to go is Ultrazone Laser Tag in Sherman Oaks, the best laser tag facility in Los Angeles.

4. Visit the Magic Castle: If you like magic, visit the Magic Castle in Hollywood, a mansion built in 1908 which houses a nightclub for magic enthusiasts and magicians.

3. Take an Esoteric Tour: If you’re looking for an unusual tour of Los Angeles, take an Esoteric bus tour. Take a True Crime tour and visit the scenes of noteworthy crimes which occurred in LA. Take Maja’s Mysteries tour, hosted by the White Witch of Los Angeles, to some of the most spiritual sites in the city.

2. Kayak the LA River: If you like kayaking, paddling on the LA River is a must. For the first time in history, boating is now legal in LA’s Elysian Valley.

1. Take a Ghost Tour: If you’re of lover of things paranormal and believe in the existence of ghosts, LA Hauntings will take you on a bus tour to more than two dozen sites in the Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles areas. The tour guides are paranormal investigators and authors who will regale you with ghost stories.

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